What is “Byorganisk”

Translated to english the name of the project would be something like ”City-organic”. Byorganisk is a urban farming projekt.
The long-term purpose is to collect organic matter in the city and transform it to compost that could be used to grow foodplants and flowers in the city.

We have now in two years collected kitchenwaste – like potato peels, coffe grounds and so on – not waste from prepared food.
We cooperate with 7 kitchen, 2 schools, 2 restaurants and 3 shelters – all using mostly organic grown ingredients.
The kitchens collect the organic waste i 12 liters buckets, and one to two times in a week we picks the buckets. The buckets is first transported by cargobikes to the car we use to transport us to the small farm, where we work. We take the kitchen waste with us to the farm and make it to compost. The compost we puts on the soil where we grow our vegetables.
The farm is outside Copenhagen in the countryside.
We have learned a lot about making compost out of the waste and get a nice product that plants thrives with.
We now try to find a place in Copenhagen, Nørrebro where we can make the compost. We believe that the organic matter collected in the city shall remain in the city, and be used where people are practicing urban farming.

To day nearly all the organic matter is, together with other waste, burned in powerplants for heat and electricity and the residual product is deposited as toxic waste.
What a waste!!